Your answer to healthy skin, when you're not really a skincare person 😎

About Surf+Slope

You want great skin, but...

As a surfer, skier, or snowboarder, your face has mood swings as harsh as the weather you encounter. 

Sometimes it's flaky and chapped, sometimes it's oily and blemished, and it's almost never predictable!

You feel like you have to learn - and drop a lot of dough on! - an overwhelming skincare routine to try to keep up.

Skincare solutions are confusing, expensive and complicated enough for those whose faces aren't always in the elements.

At Nation Botanics we believe:

You deserve an easy all-in-one skincare solution that adapts to your evolving needs; not the other way around.

Introducing: Surf + Slope

Dynamic Multi-Climate Care

A mad-simple yet luxury facial skincare set that works together to revitalize your surf and slope skin, yet also feeds your skin its daily nutrients like a multivitamin does for your body.

  • 8 benefits duo - multi-targeting for 8 different skin concerns and can replace 8+ single use facial products
  • 10+ customizations - you adjust to meet your skin's needs that day, week, month or season!
  • 20 seconds to apply - reclaim 5-10 hrs a month!

Feed your face a powerhouse of multitasking plant nutrients for its healthiest glow so you can focus on getting outside to play!

It's TWO BOTTLES, used in different amounts for anything your face needs.

  • Nourishing Moisturizer

    A moisturizing multi-tasker of oil based skin nutrients from 11 incredible plant actives your skin will love... Yeah, seriously.

    Absorbs rapidly for a light velvety-dew feeling yet leaves your skin nourished and protected.

  • Revitalizing Serum

    A hydrating multi-tasker of water based skin nutrients from 13 awesome power plant actives your skin will drink up.

    Soaks into your skin leaving it refreshed and rehydrated, yet ready for your next outing.

  • Why Two Bottles?

    They're stronger together! In their purest concentrated forms they feed you skin both types of nutrients.

    When you mix together they combine forces! Plus, you can adjust to your skin's needs!

Gonna let the cat of the bag here...

Moisture + Hydration = Healthy skin 🫧+💧=✨

Yup, it's kinda like a secret magic formula.

Yet, moisture and hydration are different when it comes to your skin... And, when it's got both, your skin's healthier so isn't going to age as rapidly.

Surf & Slope’s TWO BOTTLES provide the purest form of hydrating and moisturizing skin nutrients, so you get this magic formula 🌈✨

You have the freedom to:

  • 🙌 Create your own range of custom facial moisturizers - heavy to light

    Now that's adaptive skincare

  • 🌱 Ready the fresh plant actives for rapid absorption by mixing together

    Ensure your skin is fed + primed

  • 🤓 Avoid fillers or excess preservatives

    Found in typical moisturizers/lotions that can short-change your face

  • 8-in-1 Duo

  • Reef & Sea Safe

  • Power Plants

  • 100% Clean

  • 100% Vegan

  • Cruelty Free

  • Bio-degrades

  • Traceable Good

  • Small Business

  • TSA Friendly

A ton of intention went into making these products

  • Spending 4+ years developing
  • Building a database of 250+ badass botanicals
  • Vetting 500+ ingredients and suppliers
  • Researching tirelessly!

Thoughtful at every step to be sustainable by design. No BS, buzzwords, or greenwashing.

Designed to make a real difference in the world... beyond your surf + slope skin!

  • Easy 8 Benefits Duo

    TWO bottles that are stronger together - customizable and multi-targeting - to replace 8+ single use facial products. Target 8 different concerns with this adaptive duo.

  • Transparent & Traceable

    Know where every plant ingredient is actually grown and the visible social impact of your purchase. Like sourcing over 92% of ingredients from 17 farms in North America. 

  • Proven Wild Plants

    Science and history show our native + wild plants used (98% of ingredients) are powerhouses for your sun-loving face. They're more sustainable too; thriving across our nation's lands.

Hey, I'm Mercedes

My skin has mood swings when I get in the ocean, hit the slopes, and change climates. But I'm not stopping and you likely won't ever either!

I couldn't bear the thought of a multi-step face routine or different products for different climates or concerns.

I longed for an easy multi-targeting solution.

One that could meet all of my skin's needs no matter if I was in the snow or on the beach.

I couldn't find this type of adaptable multivitamin like product, or what I envisioned for how a skincare company can do good!

So Nation Botanics' Surf & Slope was born.

Cause we deserve an all-in-one adaptive face duo for healthy glowing skin - that also helps local farmers and our environment - even if we care more about the day's surf or snow than our skin!

Get healthy happy skin - no matter what conditions you get outside in

Avoid confusion and overwhelm when it comes to taking care of your skin.

Only 20 seconds a day to know you're taking care of your face.

You know how you radiate after catching waves or ascending through powder... your skin can have that afterglow - just like you! 😜