Your answer to healthy skin, when you're not a skincare person 😎 Yeah, get it now!

You deserve healthy glowing skin from an easy all-in-one dynanic duo that:

✨Adapts to your skin's ever-changing needs
✨Tells you where each ingredient is from
✨Shows how your purchase helps local farmers + our environment

Even if you’re not a skincare person...

Yeah, your face has mood swings from days blemished and red, weeks flaky and chapped, and everything in between... You can’t tell what’s coming next.

You don't know which products to use without buying them all. You’re paralyzed with endless choices before you even get to question if it works and does good.

You're navigating buzzwords, greenwashing, and the 15+ skin concerns - all of which you have varying at alpine, sea-level, or season.

Hey, I'm Mercedes Pepper

Yup, two nouns but not a spicy luxury car 😉

I’ve been where you’re at. 

I know how frustrating it is trying to find one multi-targeting face product that actually works and also meets your skin's changing needs. From nourishing surf and slope skin to fighting breakouts, sunspots, wrinkles, and seasonal changes! 

But a multi-step routine or different products for different climates or concerns, that’s way too complicated. Not to mention expensive and bulky. Navigating basic skincare is overwhelming enough. Add on buzzwords and greenwashing, total confusion. 

I wanted an easy compact facial duo that basically was a multivitamin for my skin. And, made a real difference in the world beyond my face. I couldn’t find it, and so, the vision for Nation Botanics came to me.

Yet, I'm not a beauty person! I’ve 10+ years in the philanthropic and public sector working to alleviate global poverty. As a surfer, skier, and boarder, I’m all about the sun-water-snow, but my face started showing the effects of these elements. 

We deserve a super easy and effective kickass product that works, so I began researching. I quit my job and started by building a database of 250+ botanicals, learning formulation, and leveraging my background in social impact. Living in my trailer, exploring diverse US climates, further inspired the perfect skincare solution for our unique surf and slope lifestyle.

This led to the powerhouse duo: Surf+Slope Revitalizing Serum & Nourishing Moisturizer. You can hit the waves and slopes, knowing your face is taken care of.

I believe you deserve your healthiest skin - from an easy all-in-one skincare solution that adapts to your evolving needs  - so you can focus on what matters. 

~ Mercedes Pepper

Founder, Formulator & Owner

It's also true...

  • Dealt with not so great skin myself

    From oily breakouts to dry patches! I’m not a skincare person, yet was sold I needed multiple products for my different skin issues. Tried it, but it was time consuming, expensive, and complicated! I regularly would skip all together and it was nearly impossible to travel with.

    I don't know about you, but my skin enters hot mess territory when traveling. The drastic changes in climate, pollution, and the fact that I always find the sun trigger it.

    Yet, I'll never avoid those UV rays and winds as I get outside everyday. I love the water, snow, and sun too much!

  • Built a database of 250+ plants

    Researched plants from around the world with proven results for our skin – from centuries of use by our ancestors to today’s innovative scientific research – to hone in on the best ones for our skincare needs.

    By categorizing plants to their native regions I noticed two key things:

    1) The majority of ingredients used in skincare products are the same, imported, and many require a lot of resources to grow.

    2) North America has numerous native plants that have some incredible benefits for skin.

    Why are we overlooking awesome plants from our backyard?

  • Lived in a trailer across our nation + plant ingredients growing wild

    Nation Botanics is further inspired by and was built while living in my 19' trailer Lomasi - aka the Think Tank.

    I know the skin struggles of changing climates and locations often. Yet lived with the essentials, which meant, hell no to lugging multiple skincare products! And hey, you know, every pound counts when towing ;)

    While exploring North America I spotted many of Surf+Slope's ingredients in their native wild habitats. Growing across these lands on the sides of highways to the sides of mountains in state and national parks.

  • Taught myself to formulate

    Frustrated by not being able to find what my skin needed - and initially having a few skincare manufactures tell me my vision isn't possible and then try to sell me their generic formulas I could relabel - I took things into my own hands!

    I dove in and learned organic skincare formulation and chemistry. All about our skin, what's good for it, and what it needs. From plant actives, compounds, lipids, and the good essential oils.

    Now, I can make pretty much every kind of skincare product 😉

  • All about measuring social impact

    I've conceived, designed, and built tech platforms that measure organizational social impact. 

    In previous roles, my job was to communicate and measure how we’re making a difference with data to back it up. Cause when you're managing a multi-million-dollar portfolio you need be able to show your partner/donor how their money is driving social change.

    Yet, why don't we ask this of businesses that give back a percent or amount? Our dollars contribute to it, so where's the transparency for us?

  • Experienced the power of plants after jumping off a waterfall in Fiji…

    Cause I hit the water incorrectly on my lower back! It felt like it shattered.

    But thankfully my local islander friends wrapped my back in these big lush green leaves. Fijians have been using these leaves for centuries to ease inflammation and pain. The leaves worked! And, their home-brew helped too 😉

    FYI it was 50 feet but you can't see the top here ~ Thanks Steph for capturing me in front of it before smartphones!

Why choose between:

1) Getting healthy good looking skin
2) Doing good and driving change?

They shouldn't be exclusive. You deserve both!

Years of dedicated work so you can have it all.

Not only the perfect all-in-one solution for your skin, but sustainability is at our core so you're making a difference with your purchase.

Designed for Good. Really!

What's behind the name?

It's called Nation Botanics because it focuses on:

  • Using plants native to or growing wild here

    98% of ingredients are from plants growing wild in North America

  • Sourcing ingredients from farmers here

    92% of ingredients are grown by farmers in North America - Traceable

  • Giving back to our local communities here

    100% of give back goes to causes in North America - Impact


It's the "nation" of North America you're from and love to get outdoors in.

Nation is defined as a large group of people with a common origin who are conscious of their unity. Its old French and Latin roots mean “birth” and bringing about a family, people, or tribe.

Whereas botanics' roots mean relating to the science of plants and plant medicine.

Good skin + do good

Join our nation - Nation Botanics - to get your healthiest skin and be part of something bigger to drive change by rethinking skincare.

So ready to join us?!