Your answer to healthy skin, when you're not a skincare person 😎 Yeah, get it now!

100% Happiness + Effectiveness Guarantee

Yup! That’s how much I believe Surf+Slope will help you get your healthiest skin.

Even after your harsh sessions in the mountains and the sea! It works and will replace over eight single-use facial products and those long complicated skincare routines the beauty industry sells you.

I understand how frustrating buying skincare products can be - especially when it’s over $50! That’s why I’m giving you this bold:

✨ 100% Happiness + Effectiveness Guarantee ✨

What if it doesn’t work for me or I don’t like it?

If you don’t notice your skin’s health improving after using it for 30 days* I’ll give you your money back. Yup, that’s right! I’m honest, and trust you are too. 

Or maybe you try it and it’s not for you. This might happen - not everyone becomes besties - so I’ve got you. 

👉 BEFORE PURCHASING, please double-check the "Who It's Not For," and "For All Skin Types" sections under Benefits + FAQs on the product page. Let’s make sure we’re a good match to save us both the extra effort of sorting out a refund and help ensure Surf+Slope isn’t wasted. Thank you.

Contact me directly at within 40 days of your order date and I’ll get it all sorted to give you your money back. All I ask is that you let me know what and/or why it didn't work for you in a super quick 5 question survey. 

*Why do I ask you to do the above and to use it for 30 days? 

  1. I’ve been advised to offer no returns or money back, as I’m a bootstrapped small business; however, if you give Surf+Slope a real chance by using it regularly, I believe you’ll love it. If not, all good, but I just wanna know from the super quick survey what it is you weren’t a fan of or didn’t work for you - no hard feelings, just curiosity for further improving or formulating other products!
  2. 30 Days: Cause it takes a minimum of 28 days for skin cell renewal to see the best results (if you’re younger it could be less or if older more). There are no quick fixes in skincare - #slowskincare. If anyone, or a product, tells you otherwise, I’d be super skeptical… So I ask you to push your other product to the side - except for your go-to cleanser and SPF that you know work for you - and only use Surf+Slope every day for 30 days. Not using other products or introducing new ones allows you to really see how Surf+Slope nourishes your skin. 

Can I return it?

Nation Botanics is a small business, so unfortunately I do not have the capacity to accept returns. 

If you’re not satisfied with the product I have a generous refund practice with a 100% Happiness + Effectiveness Guarantee (see above).

🧡 Please consider gifting your Surf+Slope duo to a friend, empty to reuse the bottles, or recycle properly.

*Returns aren’t accepted as shipping is costly and increases carbon emissions for the return of an opened product that can’t be re-sold.

Is there a quality guarantee?

If you believe the quality of your Surf & Slope Duo to be compromised, reach out and I'll send you a new set for free.

I guarantee its quality when it ships yet sometimes sh** happens in transit. Like sitting in a truck for a few days at over 100℉ or crushed under something heavy. No worries - I got you - I'll send you a new one ASAP! 🤙

Please note, our recommended storage conditions as our product uses fresh plant ingredients without hardcore preservatives so our stability and shelf-life is less than your drugstore skincare.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me at

Can I exchange it?

No, exchanges aren’t possible as Nation Botanics sells only Surf+Slope.

The only case where an exchange can occur is if you believe the quality isn’t right. Please see Quality Guarantee above for a new set. 


Surf+Slope dynamic multi-climate care Duo is for all humans. Curated for #NotASkincarePerson who prefers to spend their time outdoors. Nation Botanics’ got you covered so you can surf more, make more turns on powder slopes, or hop whatever flight will bring you that. 

How should I store Surf+Slope?

Anywhere that is out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Ideally, keep it in a cool dark place. 

Why? Surf+Slope uses fresh active plant ingredients that are sensitive to light and heat, plus it doesn’t contain hardcore preservatives so stability and shelf-life is less than your products from the drugstore.

Is Surf+Slope sustainable?

Yes, Less is More: Quality skincare can come in two bottles that deliver a myriad of benefits so fewer products are needed and fewer natural resources are utilized.

Learn more on our Sustainable, Traceable, Recyclable, and Impact pages.

Is Surf+Slope biodegradable or safe for outdoor use?

Absolutely! It’s been designed for your outdoor adventures as well as keeping marine life safe. Yes, it’s great for home use, but also if you’re living on the road - van life to RVing - or going camping or backpacking in the wilderness.

Surf+Slope’s Revitalizing Serum and Nourishing Moisturizer are biodegradable.

Is Duo vegan?

Definitely. It’s vegan from pure plant power.

Plus it's safe for pregnant & nursing women. Check with your doctor if you’re unsure. 

How long does Surf+Slope last?

On average Surf+Slope lasts 45 days - but it depends on how often and how much you use.

Some people use it less and only use it once a day. Others use more and choose to use it multiple times a day. You may be changing amounts daily and/or using once, twice, or thrice a day depending on your skin needs and what you're doing. You know your skin so you choose.

When using 2 pumps of Nourishing Moisturizer and 5 sprays of Revitalizing Serum daily we've found it typically lasts around 30 days. Yet, we’ve had couples who share it report it lasts them 45 days. Individuals whose skin likes 1 pump of Nourishing Moisturizer and 2-3 sprays of Revitalizing Serum daily have it last up to 60 days. It really depends on your skin's needs and how much you choose to apply!

Wanna get nerdy about the exact amounts? There are 160+ sprays in the Serum and 60+ pumps in the Moisturizer. Note the spray and pump amounts aren't equal; one spray is less than one pump.

Heads-up: The more and longer you use any kind of product the better results you'll see... so using a minimal amount once a day - to make it last longer - isn't the same for your skin as twice a day with more generous amounts.

What is the shelf life of Surf+Slope?

If properly stored, Surf+Slope will last 1-2 years. 

See how to store it above. 

Is Surf+Slope a lotion or cream moisturizer?


Surf+Slope consists of a Revitalizing Serum and a Nourishing Moisturizer. 

The Revitalizing Serum is an aqueous-based hydrating serum. Meaning it’s almost made entirely of water-based hydrating and plant-active ingredients. It’s super lightweight and your skin soaks it up. 

The Nourishing Moisturizer is an oil-based moisturizer. Meaning it’s made entirely of super moisturizing and nutrient-dense plant oils. It’s a facial oil moisturizer that absorbs rapidly without leaving a film or residue on your face - like some plant oils or moisturizers - making it feel oily. 

Together, their rapid absorption leaves your face feeling nourished yet incredibly light with a silky-to-velvety touch. Creating a matte to dewy finish - aka a healthy glow that’s non-oily. 

If you’re not open to the idea of a lightweight dry facial oil and love only lotions and creams, Surf+Slope isn’t for you. And that's okay!

How does each purchase make a difference?

With every Surf+Slope duo sold, you choose if you want your purchase’s extra impact to be:

  1. Covering a 1 hour lesson to teach a kid to snowboard via the Chill Foundation; OR
  2. Restoring 20 square feet of a degraded coastal dune ecosystem on two islands near Big Pine Key in the Florida Keys with Sustainable Surf’s SeaTrees. 

Please see Impact for more information on your direct measurable impact. For additional information on how Nation Botanics aims to make a difference, see Sustainable

Is Surf+Slope TSA flight compliant? 

Yes, it’s carry-on ready for your next adventure! 

Surf+Slope was designed to easily go wherever you go - whether by plane, car, camper van, RV, or boat!

Orders & Shipping

How do I track my order?

You’ll receive an email with tracking information once your order has been processed. Or you’ll receive a text message with this information if you signed opt-ed into SMS notifications at checkout. 

The tracking number provided will allow you to track the status of your order.

When will my order ship?

Orders are processed within two business days after your purchase. Please note, that your Surf+Slope Duo is hand-packed by me - Mercedes, Founder and Formulator - and shipped from rural Wyoming. So it may take an extra day or so to get to you 🙂

What if I accidentally entered the wrong delivery address?

Bummer, mistakes happen! Forward your order confirmation and the correct address to so I can get your product back on track for a healthy face 🤙 

Can I change or cancel my order?

Yes. I know things come up, you need it sooner, are going to be traveling for a few months so need extra -- whatever it is, I’ve got you! 

Please forward your order confirmation to and/or call/text 307-200-7170 to change quantity or cancel your order (please have order number handy).

🙏 Cancellations - please let us know ASAP so I can try to intercept and avoid it being shipped and/or delivered. As a small business, I cannot accept returns due to capacity issues or re-sell a shipped product so I’d experience a 100% loss. 

Trouble entering your shipping address in checkout?

Type our business address in to complete checkout then immediately forward your order confirmation to with your full contact details and correct shipping address. I’ll send you tracking information when it’s on the way! Nation Botanics, 34 N Franklin Ave, PO 687 PMB 1587, Pinedale, WY 82941.

What if my package is lost or damaged?

Well, that sucks! But don’t worry I’ve got you covered  🙂

If your package is lost, never arrives, or shows up damaged - simply let us know to receive a new Surf+Slope Duo set for free. Forward your order confirmation to so I can get you back on track for a healthy happy face. 

🤙  Sometimes sh** happens in transit - and life - so let’s resolve it and move on!

Do you have free shipping and what are my shipping options?

🚚 Nation Botanics offers FREE shipping via FedEx Ground and UPS Ground within the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska, as well as APO/FPO and PO box addresses.

✈️ If you want UPS Air or FedEx Express additional fees apply at checkout.

Do you ship outside of the USA?

At this time, shipping is only to locations in the United States. 

If you live outside of the United States and would like to purchase, please contact me to sort out the feasibility and additional shipping costs at

Better Packaging

Surf & Slope Duo packaging was chosen after extensive research. We needed the best housing for our serum and oil moisturizer to preserve its potency while staying true to our core values and recycling. Plus, what’s easiest for you to use!

While glass isn’t as carbon efficient as plastic due to manufacturing processes and weight, glass is recyclable, the best option for my formulas, and can be reused countless times! Click here to learn more.

Bottles: Can I recycle when I’m done?

Yes you can! Yet, misinformation on the recyclability of glass is abundant and very few recycling centers across the US actually recycle glass... Shocker, I know!

That's why I’ve partnered with the Pact Collective so we can ensure your empties are properly recycled.

You can drop off your empty bottles at a local Pact Bin or use the Mail-Back Collection Program. For the Mail-Back Collection Program, you’ll mail 5-10 clean, empty Surf+Slope bottles - which can include other beauty packaging too - to Pact’s collection facility. You’ll pay shipping and I’ll pay for the recycling, but together we’ll make sure no packaging is sent to your local landfill or ends up in the ocean!

Boxes: What are your packaging and boxes made of?

Surf+Slope’s packaging is made from recyclable materials and is easy to recycle. 

The shipping boxes are made from 100% recycled cardboard and the box spiral tissue fill is made from 100% recycled content. 

The custom Surf+Slope product boxes use nontoxic ink and their paper is made from 100% responsible sources - meaning non-endangered or ancient forests - and 35% of it is from recycled paper.

All materials can be easily thrown in your recycling bin - cardboard boxes, tape, and spiral fill!

To help minimize resources used, both boxes are custom-made small boxes.

Nation Botanics aims to use minimal packaging materials to keep our footprint low. Instead of sending you print materials on how to use it, what it's about, full ingredients, etc. we encourage you to scan the QR code on the top of Surf+Slope’s box. This way you can learn more while saving paper and helping reduce emissions!

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